Dear All,

Thank you for all your efforts during this past semester. I keep receiving your presentation and final papers and am grateful for your work. Those who haven't yet sent me their papers may do so either by handing them in at the new or Balgat campuses to my or rector's secretaries respectively or may e-mail their essays to

Best wishes, 

Cem Karadeli



Welcome to the website for the course ELL-507, History and Political Strategies. The course aims at helping postgraudate English Language and Literature students to obtain a better background knowledge on the events and social conditions that were at the background of the texts and prose they study.

The course therefore covers subjects of European and European-related history; with its major focus on England, Scotland, and  the United States of America (formerly the North American crown colonies) and examines social conditions and change, political philosophies and currents, and historical events.

The class meets every Monday at the 100th Year Campus at 17:40.