Please note the chapters assigned from the following books; prepare a presentation combining the material assigned to you to present in class at the announced dates; and also present a  paper of the presentation within 2 weeks of your presentation. 

When presenting, there are more than one chapter assigned to each student. In this case, please note that the subjects/chapters are related; therefore, you are expected to make one presentation for all the chapters and not one for each.

Each presentation will be limited to 20 minutes with another 10 minutes for discussion.

The books are as follows:

A Companion to 19th Century Britain

A Companion to Contemporary Britain

A History of Modern Britain

The [randomly made] distribution of chapters to be presented and presentation days are as follows: 

from: A Companion to 19th Century Britain by C. Williams


Chapters 1-2 BURCU TÜRK - 21 November 2011

Chapters 3-4 AYA M. SALEH -  21 November 2011


Chapters 7-8 L. CEM YENER -  28 November 2011


Chapters 16-17-18 ERGUN KABAKÇI 28  November 2011


Chapters 21-22 EL─░F ERYILDIRIM  28 November 2011

Chapters 27-28 GÜLÇ─░N O─×UZ - 05 December 2011


Chapters 29-30 ONUR ─░┼×LEYEN  - 05 December 2011

Chapters 31-32-33 MEL─░KE KILIÇKAYA  - 05 December 2011


from: A Companion to Contemporary Britain by Addison & James 

Chapters 20-21-22 B─░GEN D─░LBAZ  - 12 December 2011

Chapters 27-28-29 A. HANDE TÜRKYILMAZ  - 12 December 2011


from: A History of Modern Britain by A. Marr

Part I SURADIYE    DÜNDAR   - 12 December 2011

Part II HAZAL MUNAR  - 19 December 2011

Part III EREN NABI  - 19 December 2011

Part IV H. KÜR┼×AT DURMAZ  - 19 December 2011

Part V ÜMRAN AKBA┼× - 19 December 2011